A Clever Play on a Trend

For this look I was inspired by the fishnet stocking under jeans trend. Being the trendsetter that I am, I always look for ways to make current trends unique to my personal style. A few seasons back gladiator heels were on trend and every blogger had one particular pair. Everyone went crazy for this shoe and I remember seeing it everywhere. I had to have a pair because at that time I wanted to be in with the in crowd and follow trends. As I became more confident in my style I started to stray away from wanting to follow the crowd and instead do my own thing.
Being inspired by the fishnet stocking under jeans trend made me think of wearing the boots under my jeans verses being like everyone else and wearing the stockings.
I thought that this was a clever play on the trend because like the fishnets, these particular gladiator shoes have that net look. I thought that detail looked great peaking through the rips in my jeans.
To accessorize I went with a mix of black a silver jewelry. Instead of wearing all black jewelry, I felt the silver mixed with black added nice texture to the look.
When it comes to style, always think outside the box and always be unique.

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