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I dress really basic. I have no exciting pieces in my wardrobe and everything looks the same. However, I still get excited when I come across yet another simple grey jumper dress like this one. Admittedly, I have something not too dissimilar but I think the slightest variation is a good enough reason for me to own it. It’s simply not the same.

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I had a conversation the other day and I was told that I’ve consciously chosen to be this way, dress the way I do, like what I like etc, but my argument against that is that we become who we are because of growth and our experiences. Our sense of self develops over time and is a collation of events and interactions with others. I don’t think we necessarily choose to like something or be a certain way unless we make a conscious effort to do so. So in short, apparently I’ve chosen for the way I dress to be ‘basic’; whereas I think because of how I’ve developed as an individual, aspects in life such as my style have just gravitated in that direction, rather than me choosing to be that way.


Anyway, the reason this is brought up is because although I already own a similar dress, I still genuinely liked this one. Not because I’ve deliberately chosen to like it, but because its of the sort that I’ve grown to like. This may not make sense reading the first time, but read again until you understand what I mean!! x

Ese Naomi Agago
Beyond Shopping goes beyond the surfaces of fashion. What inspired me to start Beyond Shopping is from observing how social and cultural influences shape our behaviour. We all latch on to the latest trends in one way or another. I don’t necessarily condone nor oppose this but I care about individuality and embracing who you are, and this space aims to share how we can all embrace our individualism in our uniqueness through fashion. So, walk with me.

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