Llamia Purse


My love for unusual things knows no bounds, literally any piece that causes me to tingle and look forward to my next outfit is definitely a winner and an example of this is this Llamia bag. As soon as this gorgeous baby walked into my life I suddenly found myself mentally reworking my ‘Street’ wardrobe to suit such a sophisticated and dressy bag. You know I’m not exactly the most glamorous person, I love street looks and a mixture of everything and anything to be honest. There is no rule when it comes to my styling which is why today I am very happy to style such a dressy piece with an everyday wardrobe essential such as an Olive Trench coat… not the first thing that comes to mind but who cares really, we all had a happy time together I tell you!

Speaking of breaking the rules guys, please don’t restrict your beautiful clutches to only when you are all so dressed up good enough ‘to see the Queen’. I know the usual thing to do is to get hold of a clutch when going for fancy dinners and the likes but how often do we get invited to these things and our fancy bags need to be put to good use so how ’bout we branch out a liitle and pair these beauties with lets say our everyday Jeans and t shirt, or when we are in a skirt and trainers, heck If I could find an appropriate occassion I’d try pairing with a funky onesie lolll! Life’s too short lets have fun with these things!

If you are loving this particular piece please shop it and similar on Llamia.com, I have left a link below to follow directly, you’ll be glad you got yourself one. See you soon. Love, Ada.X

I’m Wearing;

Bag; Llamia HERE

Coat; BHS Similar HERE

Shoes; RiverIsland Similar HERE

Shirt; Topshop Similar HERE

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