Maxi Outfit of the Day


I am absolutely in love with anything maxi! Yes, I love maxi dresses and maxi skirts. I rock them all year round without thinking twice. As we drove by the local college, I just had to stop and get some shots for you. We were running super late for the occasion but it was totally worth it! I wanted to rock this dress with more of a bohemian vibe so I added the old hat. The hubby always tells me that I look like I stole Ms Celie hat from the movie The Color Of Purple. It’s okay though, we joke around with each other a lot. lol! Anyway, I purchased this dress for super cheap at Rue21. I think this dress was only $5. I am soooo serious. If you have a Rue21 in your town, go check out he clearance racks. I couldn’t believe a maxi that was IN SEASON was on sale….really? Ok…I’ll take it! I don’t expect for Rue21 to have the best quality but seriously, I don’t wear the same items for years and years anyway. How about you? Do you rock maxi dresses? Do you shop at Rue21?

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