White on White on White


Hey beautiful people! I’m hoping you’ve had an amazing past week and also looking forward to a new one just hours away now. Aberdeen has been the sunniest it’s ever been, weirdly dry and crisp it feels like I’m back in Africa, whats going on? I said ‘weirdly’ because my little town is not one for a good weather so you can imagine how much of a ball we are all having right now in the city. I’m sitting out on our (very)sunny balcony trying to find the best way to describe how divine I feel in an all white outfit. I’m guessing the good weather has a role to play in my decision to go for this white on white look today. Who cares to wear white when it’s chucking it down outside or when there’s snow slush paving the streets, basically summer’s the perfect time so here’s me rocking out and in full measures undoubtably!

My mum always said don’t do anything haphazardly, it’s nice applying this life lesson to my looks. Head to toe white or  red or blue or anything can be a powerhouse of an outfit  if you know how to work in the tones and textures  in the right proportions. With white, I think it’s all about throwing in different shades and if you have different textures that’ll be even more awesome. I don’t really have a play of textures in my outfit today but I have made up for that by layering up my pieces and I don’t think I’m looking too shabby or am I? loll! Can we talk about this awesome basket bag I’m garnishing my outfit with today by the way guys! Before I run off with compliments can I just start by saying that it cost me just a miserly £4 from a thrift(Charity) shop… Dancing Queen right now!!!I always feel like a winner when I score big like this for close to nothing. I’m sure we all know that straw bags are the it bags right now so grab one or make one, or whatever you do just make ‘hay’ whilst this sun is still shinning.

Next week I’ll be playing around with florals and all that good weather vibe prints and fabric, what are you wardrobe plans this summer? Ok guys I’m going to stop rambling on, have a blast of a Sunday and see you back her next week for some more fun. MUAH!! X

What I’m Wearing;
Jacket; M&S Vintage (Similar) HERE
Skirt; M&S (Vintage Similar HERE
Shoes; Miss SelfridgesSimilar HERE
Pants; Vintage Similar HERE
Bag; Thrifted Similar HERE
Earring; H&M Similar HERE

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